SOFT4Inventory is an inventory management solution for production and commerce companies, which can be integrated with any business management system.

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Optimize inventory management

With all-in-one inventory software

SOFT4Inventory includes:

Inventory level management in cases when future demand is unknown.
Safety stock management.
Inventory level management during sales campaigns.
Inventory level management during seasonal demand changes.
Replenishment (Transfer, Purchase, Production) Schedule management.
Accumulation of demand data according Replenishment Schedule.
Visualization of Historical inventory for each SKU.


Average implementation with data migration, system adjustment and development takes 1-3 months.

Both cloud and on-premises options.

Can be integrated with any ERP system.


Inventory level down to 39% in 2-4 months.
50% increase in turnover indicator.
Reduction of inventory planning time by factor of ten.
Risks identified significantly faster.
Sales increase by up to 20%.
Better daily business solutions.

Do you have any questions? Each company has different processes and needs, so let's talk about yours.


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SOFT4Inventory is a quick ROI inventory management solution for trading and manufacturing companies which aims to optimize inventory levels,reduce error rates, increase sales, and make customers satisfied.

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