Softera.E-invoice solution is designedto automate invoice sending, receiving, confirming and archiving processes. The solution includes Microsoft Dynamics BC integration with e-invoicing operators Fitek, Omniva, Telema and “Registrų centras” e-invoice system.

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Softera.E-invoice includes:

Receiving purchase invoices from Fitek, Omniva and Telema systems
Sending BC lists to the system;
Automatic creation of purchase invoices;
Option to archive PDF documents in Dynamics BC;
Archiving and review of outgoing and incoming messages;
Error log.

Sending sales invoices to Fitek or Omniva systems
Option to export e-invoices to Fitek or Omniva systems;
Option to archive PDF documents in Fitek or Omniva systems;
Forwarding e-invoices to other providers;
Option to archive sales invoices;
Error log.


Standard implementation for small or medium companies takes 1 month.

Implementation for large companies using older than NAV 2017 version takes 1 – 2 months.


Faster invoice confirmation and registration in the accounting system.
Fast ROI due to reduced administrative costs.
Able to work with invoices from several different companies at the same time.
Easier to track the cash flow because of the option to see all the digitized invoices in one place.
The process allows you to track invoices from receipt to payment.
Companies receive financial management processes based on the best world wide practice.

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Softera.E-invoice solution is designed for companies to automate invoice sending, receiving, confirming and archiving processes.

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