SOFT4 Leasing

The SOFT4Leasing system lets you manage the entire lease cycle from quote to application,through to contract operation and contract termination/expiration. Lease accounting, lease management, and financial accounting are all integrated in one easy-to-use leasing software system, built on the Microsoft Dynamics BC platform.

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Save 100s of hours on lease administration

With all-in-one lease software

SOFT4Leasing includes:

Lease process management: Quote; application, contract activation, operation, early termination, expiration of a contract.
Full-service lease, with insurance and maintenance on leasing contract.
Risk management: Manage credit risks, mitigate operational risks, assess market risks.
Compliancy requirements: IFRS and US GAAP-compliant accounting, meets Basel II requirements, adheres to corporate consolidation rules, complies with industry-specific regulations such as AML.
Marketing instruments: Commissions, subsidies, co-branding.
Asset management: Insurance coverage, remarketing of stock assets.
Fleet management: Orders, purchasing, finance, insurance, depreciation, sales, returns, buyback.
Service schedule and automatic reminders.
Document management (templates, workflows, e-signature).
Reporting and statistics tools: Pipeline report, portfolio report, and more.


SOFT4Leasing is provided with the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central version within 3-6 months after a new version has been released (BC14CU2 2019 spring is current release), downgrade to NAV 2018 is possible. Once BC15 is released (2020IH), downgrades are not possible.


All data in one place: Lease management, lease accounting and financial accounting tightly integrated with CRM and document management.
Quick and easy reporting to the internal management and financial authorities.
Clearly seen profitability and other financial indicators of all financial products managed and of other business activities.
Transparency and efficiency in the daily leasing management operations.
Increased processing speed, minimising response time to inquiries.
Savings on time and expenses on document filing and lease contract retrieval, increasing administrative productivity.
Eliminated repetitive data losses and/or misfiled documents.
SOFT4Leasing is built on the world-class ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which assures flexibility, continuous development, configurations, integrations, security, and integrated financial accounting software. Maximum return on investments for Microsoft Dynamics customers.

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Easily manage the entire leasing process — from the lease quote through the entire contract to reporting.

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