SOFT4 Property Management (RE)

Automate processes and increase work performance with features built specifically to meet your property management needs.

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Empower your Property Management Business

With all-in-one Software for Commercial, Retail and Mixed properties

SOFT4RealEstate includes:

Property and lease information:
Total area, billable area, location, landlord etc.
Customer (tenant) information: Management, contracts, billing details,outstanding amounts etc.
Contract preparation and management, automated document management, e-signature.
Flexible pricing: By area, fixed, percentage off turnover, and meter readings. Price indexing.
Debt collection management.

Customer service through Tenant Portal:
Viewable contracts, invoices, work orders, turnover.
Real-time reporting and statistics, using Power BI reports.
Work orders and maintenance task management.
Opportunity, sales, and communication history management (CRM).


SOFT4RealEstate is provided with the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central version within three months after a new version is released (current version:BC14CU2 2019 Spring release), downgrade to NAV2018 is possible. Once BC15 is released(2020 IH), downgrades are not possible.


Minimal manual work: Automated calculation of charges, price re-calculation due toindexing, 8 times faster invoicing.
Easy tracking and reporting: All customer-related data and scanned documents are in one place.
Additional enhancements: Document management (agreement templates, e-signature) and CRM with customer/prospect details.
Reduced risk of data loss and human errors thanks to system alerts and reminders.
Improved customer satisfaction through quick data management and customer service: 10times faster data analysis.

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Soft4RealEstate is a flexible solution for commercial real estate companies that own or manage retail, office or industrial properties.

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